• #9

Photographic Blueprint toned in overaged Glühwein.

Type of paper:
Japanese Paper RK 20 100% Kozo, 40 grams.

Open Edition, but unique prints. Nr. 1-32 is the first round.
Signed and numbered, size 60x75 cm.

All prints are made according to a blueprint grid containing 8 photographs, 3 types of paper and 5 toners. Combining one of the most technologically advanced camera’s with an 1842 photographic process.

This print is unframed, I can deliver it framed to my preference but it would be even better if I would come by with the work so we can see how it relates to the interior and pick a frame to match it.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at pimleenen@live.nl before placing your order.